Members 2016

» Barokkfest Trondheim (NO)

» BRQ Vantaa Music Festival (FI)

» Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival (DK)

» Det Kgl. Danske Musikkonservatorium (DK)

» Föreningen För Tidig Musik (SE)

» Griegakademiet - Institutt for musikk (NO)

» Modus - Senter For Middelaldermusikk (NO)

» Musik i Syd (SE)

» Nćstved Early Music Festival (DK)

» NoMeMus - Nordisk festival för Medeltida Musik (SE)

» Nordic Network for Early Opera (DK)

» Performing Premodernity (SE)

» Riga International Bach Chamber Music Festival (LV)

» Sibelius Academy/Early Music (FI)

» Skálholt Summer Concerts (IS)

» Stockholm Early Music Festival (SE)

» Trollhättans Tidig Musik Dagar (SE)

» Vadstena-Akademin (SE)


Membership is open for festivals, organisations and institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries operating in the field of Early Music.

The membership fee is 3.000 SEK for the first year and 4.000 SEK from the second year and onwards.

As a member of NORDEM you will get:

  • access to the Nordic/Baltic early music network

  • free advertising in programs and magazines

  • visibility on the NORDEM website

  • free participation in NORDEM meetings and conferences

  • influence in the development of the Early Music scene in the Nordic and Baltic countries

  • For more info and application please write to: NORDEM