YoungEM-Þing - Early Music in Children’s Education

Nordic House, Torshavn
Nordic House, Torshavn

YoungEM-Þing, to be held 14-15 May 2018 at the Nordic House in Tórshavn, is an event designed to strengthen the use of early music in children's and young people's education in the Nordic-Baltic area. It will bring together professional musicians, educators, teachers and administrators, at an event where young people will be present as performers and workshop participants.

Note that the last day to sign up for the conference is 29 March. You find the form for it under the headline Practical Information below. 

Early music in education

YoungEM straddles the fields of education and performance, showing that early music is one the most appropriate musical repertoires for educational use today.

​  Children dancing the traditional Faroese kvæði  ​
Children dancing the traditional Faroese kvæði  ​

Through partnering with musicians and teachers from the Faroes, participants will learn about the kvæði, a unique Nordic expression of history and culture. See a video clip of children performing the kvæði here. They will observe local children’s experience of it and reflect on the ways inwhich this Faroese tradition is being developed today. YoungEM will thus contribute to a deeper understanding of our common Nordic cultural heritage, and how it can be shared throughout the Nordic-Baltic area.





Educational initiatives linked with festivals and other performances

Early music being presented to schoolchildren
YoungEM aims to strengthen the position of early music eaducation in the Nordic-Baltic area

YoungEM aims to present a model of sustainability in which early music educational initiatives in schools are linked with festivals and other performances in the community. It will be a platform both for learning, and for sharing ideas and best practices. It will include workshop labs and key-note addresses, where early music experts from the Nordic-Baltic area will meet colleagues from other parts of Europe.

Joint action plan and continued work

YoungEM will initiate and stimulate long term collaboration within the Nordic-Baltic area by formulating a joint action plan for the implementation of early music education in schools, and by signing a statement as a basis for further dialogue with education authorities in each Nordic-Baltic country.

After the event, participants of YoungEM will be in position to set up workshops, create new contacts, develop networks, write debate articles etc. Through both traditional and social media they will be able to act strongly in putting the place of music in education, specifically early music, back on the public agenda. 


Monday 14 May

09.30 Registration and coffee
10.00 Welcome by NORDEM
10.15 KEYNOTE 1: “Why (early) music in school?” - speaker Cherry Forbes, Education Director at Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, UK
11.15 Workshop and discussion
12.30 Lunch and networking
14.00 MAPPING 1: Nordic educational practices and the development of young musicians – speakers t b a
15.00 Workshop and discussion
16.30 Coffee break
17.00 FAROESE BALLAD DANCES - a unique Nordic living early music tradition handed down from parents to children 
18.00 Concert/musical activity: meeting the Music School of Tórshavn
19.00 Dinner

Tuesday 15 May

10.00 KEYNOTE 2: "Orelhudo. Best early music practice from Porto, Portugal" - Jorge Prendas
11.00 Workshop and discussion
12.30 Lunch and networking
14.00 MAPPING 2: Nordic festival practices and the development of new audiences - speakers tba
15.00 Workshop and discussion OR local visit
16.30 Coffee break
17.00 YoungEM PLENARY SESSION: the longer term perspective - preparation and signing of a joint statement of intent about early music education in the Nordic-Baltic region
18.00 Concert/music activity: Faroese young musicians
19.00 Dinner


Practical information

Last day to sign up for the conference is 29 March 2018. Please sign up here.

Conference fee: 45€ for members of NORDEM, 60€ for non-members of NORDEM.

Lunch and dinner is included in the conference fee and served at the café and restaurant SMAKKA located inside the Nordic House. 

Flight and accomodation costs are not included in the price. See more info about flights and where to stay below.

If you have any questions you can reach us at

Read more about the beautiful Faroe Islands here!

Flights and Accommodation

Participants pay for flights and accommodation. Here are some flight and accomodation options and prices. 

Flights including return ticket

Copenhagen - Faroe Islands from around 190 Euros

Stockholm - Faroe Islands from around 290 Euros

Oslo - Faroe Islands from around 310 Euros

Riga - Faroe islands from around 400 Euros

Helsingfors - Faroe Islands from around 290 Euros

Reyjkjavik - Faroe Islands from around 440 Euros


We have reserved rooms at 3 different hotels. There is also a possibility to rent a room at a private house and if you want to book something cheaper there is always AirBnB. We would like you to do the booking yourself. If you feel that you really need help with the booking, get back to me.

When needed we will arrange with some kind of shuttle to pick you up at your accommodation and transport you to and from the Nordic House.


If you decide to choose one of the hotels just state that you are a participant at the conference YoungEM - Þing. In that way the hotel can report back to us how many rooms have been used and also there is a discount at two of the hotels that you don’t want to miss if you choose one of those hotels (more info below). All hotels include breakfast in there prices. 1 dkk equals around 0,15 Euro.


Hotel Føroyar
Contact:, +298 317500
28 min walking distance/5 min by car to the Nordic House
All standard rooms can be used as both single/double/twin:
Single use: 1200 dkk per night incl. breakfast (1600 dkk list price, 400 dkk discount).
Double/Twin use: 1400 dkk per night incl. breakfast (1800 dkk list price, 400 dkk discount).
Extra info: We have 25 rooms at this hotel, and we can keep them until April 13.


Hotel Tórshavn
Contact:, +298 350000
23 min walking distance/7 min by car to the Nordic House
Single room: 850 dkk per night incl. breakfast (890 dkk list price, 40 dkk discount)
Double room: 1200 dkk per night incl. breakfast (1490 dkk list price, 290 dkk discount)
Extra info: We have 5 single rooms and 5 double rooms at this hotel, and we can keep them until April 13.


Hotel Havn
Contact:, (+298) 500 600
22 min walking distance/8 min by car to the Nordic House
Double rooms DKK 1195,- pr night (DKK 995,- as single use) incl. breakfast
Extra info: We have 17 double rooms at this hotel and we only have them until March 16. Since we didn’t get a discount at this hotel you can of course book this hotel after the 16th as well for the same price as long as they have rooms left.


Private housing

Birgit Ernstsdóttir Remmel
Two double rooms, DKK 1000
One single room, DKK 700


And lastly we want to recommend booking at an AirBnb. It’s cheaper than the hotels and you get to meet locals in their own homes, which can be quite nice. You can get a room at an AirBnb from around 40 Euros. Here is a link to AirBnbs in Tórshavn and you can adjust the price range yourself:

Further information about the conference

Download this pdf to get som more knowledge about the thoughts behind the conference YoungEM_summary_doc.pdf


Nordic House, Torshavn
The conference hall Klingran at the Nordic House