(1st June to 1st October)...

...is a floating, touring festival - a celebration of the cultural and musical history of the Hanseatic era and area with a historical boat, a copy of a cog, as its focal point, connecting early music events in twelve or more cities around the Baltic Sea.

The objectives of NORDEM (the Nordic Early Music Federation) are to promote the position of early music in the Nordic/Baltic region, to represent Nordic early music internationally, and to stimulate and support education in the field of early music. HanseARTic17 is a development of the activities and objectives of the network, and its most extensive project to date, launched to celebrate the cultural and musical history and heritage of the Baltic Sea region and to strengthen cultural ties.

With HanseARTic17, NORDEM wants to highlight not only early music created and performed in the Hanseatic cities and era, but also the member festivals and their artists, including the Baltic countries, Poland, and Germany. The project will engage regional ensembles to give concerts on the boat during its presence in each harbour, thereby increasing awareness and knowledge of music and culture from the Hanseatic era and area, and encouraging collaboration and networking. It is intended to stimulate the interest of local audiences in the entire Nordic/ Baltic early music scene as well as increase appeal for non-Nordic visitors.

The focal point of the project, and a symbol of its historical aspects, a ship modelled on a Hanseatic cog, will sail the Baltic Sea during the summer and early autumn of 2017, visiting twelve or more harbours for three to four days at a time. The timetable and itinerary will be coordinated with partners' and members' events.

HanseARTic17 is simultaneously a festival in itself, a plug-in to the local festival, and a link between participating cities and festivals. While in harbour, the festival boat will be a meeting place, an information centre, a concert venue, and an educational platform – a floating hub for the project as well as for the local festival, offering a wide range of experiences and activities, from concerts and workshops to jam-sessions and social events. It is imagined as an open, welcoming space for a wide variety of audiences and visitors.

A day’s activities might include breakfast concerts, open rehearsals, on-board sightseeing, family concerts, movie screenings, music-on-demand, evening concerts, or an early music club. An exhibition on the music, times, and trade of the Hanseatic period, access to a virtual library with resources on Hanseatic music, an on-board festival shop, and a café, are also seen as an important part of the programming.

The aim is to match the boat and its programme to each local festival, and to join it to the hosting event in different ways. Interaction between what happens on the boat and what happens on land at the different harbours will be of central significance, as part of providing an interface between the participating events and organisations. The boat will have a continuous online presence, making it possible to stream live both from and to it, and to follow its progress throughout the tour through blogs and maps. Early-music-and-sailing tourists will be able to book a week or more on board the ship and join the crew and musicians on this adventurous voyage.

In addition to being a visual symbol of the project as an artistic whole, the cog will be connected to ideas of sustainability, as the focus on the Baltic Sea naturally entails a highlighting of its importance as a past and present life environment, a prerequisite for livelihood and trade, and of the need for sustainable choices. As an extension of the cultural dimensions of the project, the boat may further be seen as a symbol of understanding and peaceful cooperation.

HanseARTic17 aims to encourage and make visible the Hanseatic spirit of furthering common interests, making decisions on the basis of consensus, and disseminating ideas and culture in a musical project focusing on present-day international collaboration, promoting a shared historical heritage, stimulating the Nordic/Baltic festival scene, and making the Baltic Sea resonate with music simultaneously old and new.

Preliminary itinerary:

w 23 Stockholm Early Music Festival (SE)

w 24 Söderköping, NOMEMUS (SE)

w 25 Åhus/Kristianstad, Musik i Syd (SE)

w 26 Travel

w 27 Klaipeda (LT)

w 28 Riga I. Bach Chamber Music Festival (LV)

w 29 ERP, Tallinn (EE)

w 30 Travel

w 31 Helsinki, BRQ Vantaa (SF)

w 32 Visby, Medieval Week (SE)

w 33 Travel

w 34 Gdansk (PL)

w 35 Stralsund, Orgeltage (DE)

w 36 Europäisches Hansemuseum (DE)

w 37 Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival (DK)

w 38 Travel

w 39 Oslo, Modus Medieval Festival (NO)

The ancient Hanseatic trading concept will be reborn within the cultural space, represented by an exchange of ideas, experience, and knowledge. Cultural tourism will stimulate audiences to discover the region's rich tapestry of early music activities. Enabling the performance of early music to actualise the past, the project emphasises the vibrancy of early music and its history, both through the presence of the cog and by the experiences offered on board. Cog-concerts will offer accessible, intimate live performances in a unique environment.Rarely heard early music from the Hanseatic region will be given a new lease of life.

A joint manifestation of common cultural history, the project will strengthen connections between early music organisers in the Baltic region, create a new platform for regional ensembles through an extended collaboration between participating cities and festivals. As a result the project will raise awareness of early music and our common cultural heritage.

Co-operating partners (NORDEM-members and invited festivals):

Stockholm Early Music Festival, Götgatan 62, 6 tr., 11826 Stockholm, Sweden

NOMEMUS, Söderköping, St Persgatan 36, 60233 Norrköping, Sweden

Musik i Syd, Kanalgatan 30, 291 34 Kristianstad, Sweden

ERP, Estonia Avenue 4, 101 48 Tallinn, Estonia

Riga International Bach Chamber Music Festival, Hipokrata iela 35-32, LV-1079, Riga, Latvija

Banchetto Musicale (Vilnius/Klaipeda), S. Konarskio g. 49, LT-03123 Vilnius, Lithuania

BRQ Vantaa ry, PL 177, 01301 Vantaa, Finland

Medieval Week on Gotland, Strandgatan 14, 621 56 Visby, Sweden

Actus Humanus Festival, Długi Targ 43-44, Gdańsk, Poland

Orgeltage, Marienstraße 10, D-18439 Stralsund, Germany

Europäisches Hansemuseum, Lübeck, Germany

Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival, Blegdamsvej 2.th., DK-2200, Copenhagen, Denmark

MODUS Medeltidsfestival, Saxegaardsgt 17, 0192 Oslo, Norway