2024 Conference "Nordic Early Music in a Global Context"

International Conference: 3-5 June 2024, Stockholm

NORDEM hosts the REMA 2024 Conference "Nordic Early Music in a Global Context" in collaboration with EARLY MUSIC SWEDEN. The activities will take place in the Stockholm area, at NORDEM´s partner's locations in the Stockholm area, strongly connection to music and culture history. The programme include cooperations with the Drottningholms Slottsteater, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, The Swedish Academy, the County Governor of Stockholm and the Musikaliska Concert Hall.

The aim of the conference is to highlight the characteristics and importance of Nordic early music both historically and from a contemporary perspective, and to anchor them in a broader European context.

Through the conference, NORDEM wants to deepen and broaden knowledge of the Nordic music heritage on an international level, strengthen the interaction between organisations and individuals, and contribute to increase the exposure of Nordic early music on a global level. 

The conference represents an important milestone by creating the conditions for closer cooperation and understanding between the Nordic and European early music spheres. The program includes lectures, panels and discussions on creation and heritage as well as performances and concerts by Nordic artists. 



DAY 1 - June 3:  
14.00 Royal Academy of Music: Registration and REMA General Assembly
17.30 Guided tour of the Old Town.  
19.00 The City of Stockholm: Reception for conference participants at the City Hall. 

DAY 2 - June 4:  
10.00 Drottningholms Slottsteater: presentations, guided tour, concert and lunch.  
15.00 Musikaliska Concert Hall: Lecture and panel discussion on the theme "Nordic Early Music in a Global Context"
15.00 Musikaliska Concert Hall: REMArkable
19.30 the German Church: Concert with Concerto Copenhagen conducted by Lars-Ulrik Mortensen (opening concert of XXIII Stockholm Early Music Festival 2024).  
21.30 Dinner for conference participants.  

DAY 3 - June 5:  
10.00 Swedish Academy: workshops on the theme "Nordic Early Music in a Global Context"
13.00-16.00 Tessin Palace: The Stockholm County Governor hosts a reception in conjunction with the REMA Awards ceremony