YoungEM-Þing - Early Music in Children’s Education

Nordic House, Torshavn
Nordic House, Torshavn

YoungEM-Þing, held on 14–15 May 2018 at the Nordic House in Tórshavn, was an event designed to strengthen the use of early music in children's and young people's education in the Nordic-Baltic area. It brought together professional musicians, educators, teachers and administrators, as well as young people and school children.

YoungEM-Þing initiated a long-term collaboration within the Nordic-Baltic area by 

  • formulating a joint action plan for the implementation of early music education in schools, and 
  • signing a joint statement as a basis for further dialogue with education authorities in each Nordic-Baltic country.
  • Read and download the statement here 

As a result of YoungEM-Þing, conference delegates are now well equipped to set up workshops, create new contacts, develop networks, and write articles for the press with the aim of putting music, specifically early music, back on the public agenda. 

Swedish readers may be interested to read a full report on the conference written by Erik Rynell, himself a conference delegate. 

​  Children dancing the traditional Faroese kvæði  ​
Children dancing the traditional Faroese kvæði  ​



See a video clip of children performing the kvæði here. 

Early music being presented to schoolchildren
YoungEM aims to strengthen the position of early music eaducation in the Nordic-Baltic area



Nordic House, Torshavn
The conference hall Klingran at the Nordic House