Fibonacci Connections*

*NB! The Fibonacci Conections Project is postponed until further notice. 

Fibonacci Connections is a network-project idea initiated by NORDEM (Nordic Early Music) which aims to strengthen the presence of Early Music in the Nordic-Baltic region, reaching new audiences and initiating new creative partnerships, and underlining the relevance of Early Music today. Based on the idea of additive centrifugal energy as illustrated by the Fibonacci spiral, the Festivals project will be a contemporary echo of the travelling nature of Early Music, interpreting the Fibonacci sequence (1 1 2 3 5 8 etc) as a geographical spiral of NORDEM member festivals.

The project will launch in Stockholm in June 2022 and, following the Fibonacci spiral through the Nordic-Baltic region, conclude in Utrecht in 2024, bringing to this final event in Europe all the excitement of Nordic-Baltic Early Music. Harnessing the power of Nordic-Baltic Early Music performers, Fibonacci Connections will enable them to share Early Music and forge joint identities with other practitioners and audiences alike, whether young or old, newcomer or aficionado.


Fibonacci aps