Introduction to NORDEM

NORDEM, Nordic Early Music, is an inter-Nordic organisation for Early Music, founded on 6 September 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. The federation represents Early Music festivals, organisations and promoters in the Nordic and Baltic countries.​

​Its goal is to strengthen the place of Early Music in the musical life of the Nordic​ and Baltic countries, as well as to stimulate educational initiatives in the field of Early Music. 


Mission statement

​NORDEM aims to:

  • work actively to strengthen the position of Early Music in the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • dialogue with politicians and cultural authorities
  • represent Nordic and Baltic Early Music internationally
  • ​stimulate Early Music education in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Through meetings and joint planning ​NORDEM aims to facilitate​ collaboration between, and development of, existing organisations working for Early Music in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Members of the board

Peter Pontvik​, ​chairman (SEMF, SE)
Aina Kalnciema, member (Riga Bach Festival, LV)
Johannes Rantanen, member (Sastamala Gregoriana, FI)
Peter Spissky, member (DKDM, DK)
Mark Tatlow, member (Performing Premodernity, SE)

Katerina Roussou, General Secretary