Introduction to NORDEM

NORDEM, Nordic Early Music, is an inter-Nordic organisation for Early Music, founded on 6 September 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden. The federation represents Early Music festivals, organisations and promoters in the Nordic and Baltic countries.​

​It's goal is to strengthen the place of Early Music in the musical life of the Nordic​ and Baltic countries, as well as to stimulate educational initiatives in the field of Early Music. 


Mission statement

​NORDEM aims to:

  • work actively to strengthen the position of Early Music in the Nordic and Baltic countries
  • dialogue with politicians and cultural authorities
  • represent Nordic and Baltic Early Music internationally
  • ​stimulate Early Music education in the Nordic and Baltic countries

Through meetings and joint planning ​NORDEM aims to facilitate​ collaboration between, and development of, existing organisations working for Early Music in the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Members of the board

Peter Pontvik​, ​chair (SEMF)

Jesper Hamilton, treasurer (Musik i Syd)

Peter Spissky, member (DKDM)

Mark Tatlow, member (Performing Premodernity)

Aina Kalnciema, member (Riga Bach Festival)

Mats Lillhannus, member (Aurore)